Follow These Tips For Any Type of Hair

Haircare tips are considered universal all over the world. Whether you have straight, thin, curly, thick or dry, you should be taking care of your hair in order to look good and receive nourishment. These are some of the tips you should follow on a regular basis regardless of the type of hair you have.

  1. Don’t Use Cotton Pillowcase – During your sleep avoid using cotton pillowcase and instead switch over to using silk pillowcase. Your hair turns dry as soon as you start using cotton pillowcase.
  2. Don’t Use Hot Water – Feels good when we have a shower with hot water, right? However, the problem arises when using of hot water for the hair. It not only makes the hair dry but also causes damage to it. So, when you are about to hit the shower, just make sure you are using lukewarm water to wash your hair instead of hot water.
  3. Don’t Forget to Hit the Scalp – Our hair is capable of producing natural oil with the help of the scalp which also helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells. During your washing of the hair, the shampoo should hit the area of the scalp.
  4. Don’t Use a Towel – Now this is a problem seen in people with thin hair. When you are done with your shower, dry your hair with the help of using a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel. Using a towel will only make you lose your hair along with other problems.

With these tips, try getting keratin treatment at home for your hair as well.

Tips to get Hair Appointment before the Holiday Season


Finding a hair appointment during the holidays can be difficult and challenging. And even if you do get a chance for a haircut at the last-minute, you will always feel stressed and rushed. Therefore, it is important to book an early appointment before the season arrives. Here are a few tips that will help you to get an early appointment.

  1. Study About the Salon’s Timing – During the holiday season, the salon’s operations hours are going to be slightly different. Make sure you know those timings either on the internet or by asking a staff for additional information.
  2. Try to Pre-Book – If you wish to feel less stressed during the holiday then consider doing a pre-book before the season arrives.
  3. Go Out of the Box – You can bump into a time when the salon looks completely booked depending on your preferred time. In such times, consider rearranging for a different schedule by speaking to the salon staff.
  4. Consider Asking for Waitlist – There are times when an individual may not turn up for their haircut and you get a chance. Try speaking to the salon staff and ask them to put you under waiting list. If a chance arises, the salon will contact you. However, you have to be ready because it is unpredictable.

If you follow these tips, then you are bound to have your haircut just before or during the holiday season arrives. Regardless of the season, ensure getting keratin treatment for thin hair at home. You can do this treatment for any type of hair.