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Most Amazing Parks in Vienna

Admit it or not, nothing beats taking a relaxing stroll in a beautiful spot. This personal experience is made even more memorable if you're in a new city such as the lovely capital of Austria, Vienna.

Vienna's city centre has numerous historic and imperial structures worth investigating. However, after vacationing those attractions, you will find other unique places in which you and your family can relax and enjoy a huge selection of activities. You can even take help from travel guides by visiting sites such as

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This is only one of Vienna's boasts and pride of its amazing Danube Tower that stands in 252 meters.  Seeing this place will indicate you and your loved ones enjoying good pursuits. People who like to play chess may perform in the giant chessboard.

While individuals who like to skate and skateboard can perform their things in the skateboarding area.  Animal lovers may also have fun in the petting zoo.  And to meet your gastronomic requirements, you will find just two revolving restaurants in the region that offer excellent views of the city.


Strolling could be appreciated in the smaller Herderpark from the town's 11th district. This one includes a garden planted with rose and lilac and there is also a broad area planted with fruit trees. A broad expanse of grassy space also accommodates school events and sports activities.

The weeks of April and May are the best times to go to this park through which the blossoms are in full blossom and emitting their distinct fragrances.