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Looking For Roller Blinds? Read This First!

Roller Blinds are such a great option to decorate your home. With the variable weather to which Melbourne is pre-disposed, blinds are a cost-effective and versatile option for window treatments. The varying types of blinds are able to accommodate a variety of rooms in order to limit light, heat or provide privacy. It is for this reason that roller blinds are a highly popular option for window treatments in both commercial and residential buildings. 

Roller Blinds in Melbourne

What Types Of Rooms Are Best Suited to Sunscreen Roller Blinds?

Sunscreen roller blinds are able to be placed into any room however, they tend to be best placed in areas that should remain well lit with natural light. As with all sources of natural light, risks of heat, glare and UV rays need to be mitigated. Well placed sunscreen roller blinds can be this mitigating factor. 


  • Easy to clean and maintain.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Versatile to room function and decor. 

  • Relatively cost-effective compared to other types of blinds or curtains. 

  • They can be automated through the use of a motor.


  • They can pose a safety hazard when loops or ropes are used. 

  • Shaped or small windows may struggle to accommodate roller blinds. 

  • When air movement exists, blinds will move if not fully out of the way of the air. 

How Are Roller Blinds Manufactured? 

Are They Made in Melbourne or assembled in Melbourne? 

Some blinds are made and assembled locally, whilst others are outsourced to other areas. In order to secure a better quality deal from your supplier, it is suggested that you ensure your blinds company manufactures their products locally in Melbourne. In doing this, your product will not only be ready for installation sooner but should you have any issues with your blinds, rectification works can commence more promptly. 

How Do I Buy Roller Blinds In Melbourne? 

Roller blinds can be made to order. For this to occur, a sales representative from a reputable organisation will come to your home, view and measure your windows, select colour pallets and types of blinds, and provide a quotation. 

Most times the quote is an obligation and fee-free quote. In fact, you can obtain several quotes to ensure you are receiving the best price possible. 

What Types of Roller Blinds fabrics are Available? 

Despite conjecture, there are quite a few types of fabric available for roller blinds, each of which comes in their own array of colours. These types of fabrics are segregated into the interior and exterior fabrics and they are: 

  • Interior: 

    • Plain.

    • Screen. 

    • Textured. 

    • Natural weave. 

  • Exterior: 

    • Weinor. 

    • Sunscreen.

    • Acrylic. 

    • Canvas. 

Why Choose Roller Blinds Over Curtains? 

Curtains may offer more decadence and a more elegant appearance, however, roller blinds, especially those of a block out nature, allow much more light control. Furthermore, when installed properly, roller blinds allow the full window to be viewable, rather than a section of it. 

Additionally, in places like Melbourne where dwelling size may vary greatly and therefore space can sometimes be of a premium, roller blinds can offer the perfect solution to maximising space.