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Business Intelligence – The Intelligent Way To Do Business

The feature of business intelligence (BI) software at this time is truly extraordinary, but it is still not used. The question is why more companies do not use the extraordinary power of BI tools to spontaneously conduct strategic and competitive analysis.

But more importantly, can BI really be the dominant focus for all "information" in a company, which leads to the integration of internal and external information (customers, markets and competitors) in a single, uniform concept? How can semantic repair make this possible?

Most companies can only use BI to maintain tactical or operational back-office functions and not develop their business. This is because BI software is usually only filled with internal ERP data. You can also capture end-user feedback on the Power BI solution from your end-user.

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This type of implementation usually has little or no value for strategic management. The ability to connect various data sources is important to broaden the scope of the solution.

The combination of internal transaction data with external market information guarantees a 360 times view of the realities of business markets directly from BI software.

In this way, BI data configurations and tools give companies a strong competitive advantage because marketing and salespeople can do their jobs more efficiently, namely increasing market share, sales, and net profits while increasing return on investment in BI.

The integration of real-time data from internal and external sources is not a trivial task and is increasingly being pursued by data mixers and others in the BI area. The conscious semantic algorithm will be widely used in the development of stored searches and requests in the market.