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All about Hair Transplant for Women

There are so many women suffering from hair loss and are looking for hair transplant answers these days because they want a long-term solution to their problem. Women are fed up with buying wigs to hide their thinning hair and bald patches.

On the other hand, men with male pattern baldness have enjoyed the results of hair transplant surgery in recent years and it is time for women to be given the same privileges.

If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, then you can also look for the hair transplant procedure via Reza Nassab at Cheshire, Manchester, Chester, and London.

Hair Transplants For Women - Best Female Procedures by Surgeons
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Androgenetic alopecia is a condition experienced by both sexes when experiencing baldness. However, the symptoms are very different for each gender. 90% of the male population who experience premature hair loss due to thinning and baldness do so because of this condition.

Due to genetics, this condition is passed down each generation from the genes of the father or mother.

A bald woman usually loses hair all over her head. Because of this, classic hair transplant procedures are impractical. Wherever hair is plucked from a woman’s head, the part that is gathered becomes balder.

Here’s some exciting news: However, the development of a new technique that allows hair from other parts of the body to be transplanted onto the scalp has completely changed the hair transplant process. This new technique is more useful and provides real hope for women with baldness problems.