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Various Benefits Of Prismatic Lithium-Ion Batteries

A prismatic lithium battery consists of cells that have been encased in either aluminum or steel, to increase stability. Due to their unique construction and design, prismatic lithium batteries tend to be lightweight and have a slim design.

Prismatic batteries are generally used in tablets, smartphones, and similar types of electronic devices where mobility is a major priority. Let’s have a look at the advantages of durable and custom prismatic lithium-ion batteries:

  • These kinds of batteries are used widely in marine, emergency lighting, solar, and security monitoring.
  • They incorporate complete safety and reliability with protection features for short-circuits.
  • These batteries are environment-friendly.
  • These can also be customized according to the user requirements.
  • They generally support connections in series (up to 4 units) providing flexibility.
  • They have great consistency & can handle hundreds of charge/discharge cycles.
  • They possess good capacity, resistance, voltage, platform time consistency
  • These batteries even support wireless communications.

Due to these benefits of prismatic batteries they are also commonly used in larger critical applications like energy storage systems and electric powertrains. Hence, each battery is designed to fit your needs and tested under the supervision of experts to support a broad range of applications.