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Why Golf Is Played In The Golf Club?

Have you ever wondered why golf is played on a golf club? And why is it called a golf club? If you think about it, the golf club is probably the most important aspect of the game of golf. Unlike the cricket field, football stadium, or badminton field, the golf club is the most unusual playing field. This makes golf a unique game for the true connoisseur.

By definition, a golf club is a large area with a series of nine or 18 holes where golf is played. You can easily play golf games in Mechanicsburg on the golf club. A golf club is nothing more than a collection of holes. To be precise, the golf course consists of 18 holes. The size of the golf club depends on the distance covered when playing all 18 holes.

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The term “par” for a golf course defines the number of strokes a golfer may have to make to complete play on the golf club. If you are an experienced player, a full-size golf course takes about 60-80 strokes as you move through all the holes on the club. Therefore, the terms par-70, par-71, par-72 are most commonly used on 18-hole golf courses.

Each course now also contains certain elements in the hole known as fork zones, fairways, greenery as well as rough, bunker, and penalty areas. All this usually takes up more than 100-300 hectares of land.