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Tips on Choosing a Bath Tub

Some antique cast-iron bathtubs are quite valuable. If you've decided that you want to replace your old cast-iron bath, then be sure to get in touch with the best dealer nearby you and get a quote – you don't want to be putting a very valuable bath in the skip for someone else to take it and profit from it.

However, antique cast-iron bathtubs are becoming very popular today, and many people are choosing to keep these baths and simply getting a company to come out and re-enamel them. Some companies like to do this work on their own premises, but some do come out to your home and spray them in your bathroom.

If you would like to purchase a reproduction of even a restored antique cast-iron bathtub, there is specialist supplier ''. 

Today, most baths are made from acrylic, glass-reinformed plastic or enameled pressed steel. The acrylic and plastic baths could be carried by just one person, as they are very light, but yet obviously very solid and durable. However, the steel bath would probably have to be carried by two people.

You must be careful not to use some abrasive cleaners or bleach on your plastic or acrylic bathtubs as some may harm the surface of the bath.

Because these types of bathtubs are made with flexible materials such as plastic/acrylic, more unusual designs can be made. You also have the choice of matching bath panel, taps at the rear, front, corner or side, and probably a choice of every color you can think of. At this present day, white seems to be the trend.