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The Impact Of Feminist Performances In The Society

As amazing as women are viewed nowadays, we all are aware that it was not always that way. During the early years, most ladies were trapped in cages because they were defined by a male denominated era which was really hard. They were never capable of voicing out their ideas and opinions simply because they were once treated as weak individuals. But then, it changed when feminist artists started to fight for the rights and equality. Till now, their great accomplishment is celebrated by feminist performances in Michigan.

Apparently, this battle started way long time ago, around the late nineteen sixties. This was a special year since this is where modernization started to arise and various rights movements were being seek by individuals who were oppressed and deprived. A group of feminist artists bravely made their case.

They have sought to rewrite all falsely written history about the denomination of male individuals through their arts and acts. Along with that is another set of goals and mission they implied around the world which was changing the contemporary legacy along with transformation of social interactions between different genders.

All in all, the battle of these feminists was never easy at all. They went through a lot and sacrificed quite too much just so they could get what they deserve. And over the time, all their hard work has fruited. They were able to get what most women were deprived of and we can attest to that.

Back then, artists who are feminist were hidden and invisible to the public. Their brilliance were often denied by those who oppose to such rights. Their exhibitions as well as representation in galleries were not supported due to the mere reason that their gender were not that acceptable to make a huge fuss in the society.

But right now, there were various opportunities laid out to women with the capability of making it through the art society. They are given the space and equal chance to showcase their ideas, identities and perspectives without being ridiculed for their gender. Lots of female minority artists are now creating a spotlight of their own.

The fact that we can unleash whatever art we get to think of that shows celebration of feminism nowadays is basically one of the biggest impacts of the battles artists have fought before. If it was not for their bravery, we could have been stuck on the very same male denominated era.

We probably would not have the chance to show our unique perspective in art just because we were born females. Our hands could have remained tamed and tied because our actions has to be in line with the definition the society has made for us. It could have stayed this way but it did not.

With that, it should only be rational to continue incorporating performances, exhibitions and arts with hint of feminism. We should not let that legacy die and be taken away from us because we all deserve that. Women are way more than just raw masculinity, they all exude the same potential and capabilities as men and it should be celebrated.