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Advantages of Buying Custom Corrugated Boxes

Paperboards are used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes. These are ideal for packing because of their structural features. Air columns present in these corrugated paperboards give a cushioning effect for the materials inside the box and ensures safety against jerks mechanical shocks and vibrations. Corrugated boxes give unique packaging which is unmatched by other packaging materials.

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  • As corrugated boxes are less in weight, they can be easily handled while loading, packaging and unloading.
  • These are fabricated from inexpensive raw material, thus making them highly affordable in comparison with the alternatives available in the market.
  • The graphic and printing capabilities of the boxes are good, so can be used as effective tools for marketing promotions and brand awareness. This ability has helped the company's to print their company name, logos, and promotional details on the boxes which serve as a smart way of marketing.
  • These can be customized as per the requirement of the clientele into various sizes, shapes, colors, and designs as per the specifications. This characteristic of the corrugated box makes them be used diversely.
  • The boxes are available everywhere in almost all regions.
  • The main advantage of this corrugated box is that they are completely recyclable and eco-friendly.
  • The flutings and structural rigidity of the corrugated boxes make them ideal for packing fragile articles.
  • They are collapsible and can be compactly and easily stored. Transportation costs are reduced as there is as much as 66% reduction in tare weight.
  • These can be easily stacked even up to 25 to 30 feet high as they are very strong and are beneficial when floor spaces are expensive.