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Helping Your Child With Early Math Skills To Reflect and Evaluate

We are now a third of the way through this series. This is a good time to reflect on and evaluate your progress by helping your child develop mathematical skills. What strategies succeed as you expect? Are you having a problem? Do you still have a clear view of what you want to achieve and why?

In the introductory article in this series, we discuss research findings that critical years for learning logic and building solid mathematical foundations are ages 1 to 4. What's surprising, from follow-up studies, are results that show that children's mathematical skills in kindergarten entry are better predictors of future academic success, namely reading skills, social skills, or the ability to focus.

Online mathematical skills are better predictors of future academic success than reading skills. This result is great. I hope this fact becomes the focus of how important your efforts are for your child's future. You can help your kids developing their math potential through online maths practices offered by services like 

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At this point, you might think that you have to shift responsibility for learning organized mathematics to preschool, but we strongly warn you of this idea. Preschools, whether starting at 3 or 4 years old, can be useful, especially for social skills, and maybe suitable for your child.

However, it missed the initial critical years to build a good mathematical foundation. In addition, because knowledge of the importance of preschool math education is becoming more widely known, many programs are designed that are too dependent on sitting work.