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Know More About Computer Animation In Malaysia

We all know what an animation is; although technically defining the term, it is the process of creating an illusion of movement by showcasing a set of drawings in a rapid and predefined sequence. Animation has come a long way due to the advent of computer technologies.

Traditional animations were hand drawings, but today, we have computer technology that helps create both 2D animations and 3D animations. There are many companies like Dezpad Designs can provide the top animation services.

Hand-painted animation takes a lot of effort and time and effort not to be forgotten. But along with the advancement of computers, animation can be made by one person (animator) without major problems.

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Today, computer-generated 2D animation can be found anywhere from the cartoons on TV to the simple animated graphics we see on the internet every day. This could be in the form of advertising, advertisements, e-cards, etc.

Regardless of the format, it all starts with the storyboard, which is just a simple script in a graphic format, much like the comics. Sometimes, storyboards aside, rough audio recordings are made to give animators something that resonates with their sketches.

2D animation relies entirely on "vector graphics". This means that all images are created to be based on mathematical equations, not "raster graphics", which are based solely on pixel tiles.

Similar to 2D, 3D animation is the process of creating a moving image in a 3D digital environment. 3D automatically comes to people's minds when they talk about computer animation.