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Know About The Physical Therapy Exercises For The Knee in Frederick, MD

Rehabilitation for the knee is made easier by physical therapy. The patient recovering from surgery would need to begin these exercises afterward. When muscles are not used, they can become weaker and cannot perform their functions of supporting and moving the body. 

Because of knee problems, the patient might not have used his legs as much and this could lead to weakness. Strength can be restored by performing the recommended exercises. You can also consider getting physical therapy in Frederick, MD at


Quadriceps muscles are most affected by the surgery. To achieve specific goals, physical therapy rehabilitation is performed following knee surgery.

1. Stretching – Basic stretching movements can be used to relax the front of the leg as well as to increase flexibility in the lower extremities.

2. Isometric Strengthening – This is a great way to build strength. For weak or deconditioned muscles, the patient might be able to feel and improve the contraction force.

3. Quadriceps Strengthening – The quadriceps is a grouping of four muscles located in front of your thigh. These muscles must be in good health to perform their function of strengthening and moving the knee.

It is not possible to do physical therapy for the knee at home after surgery. It is best to visit a specialist center and receive help from them. Ask about the support offered by the center for medical insurance.