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Everything You Need To Know About Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a form of physiotherapy that focuses on improving movement and quality of life. This field is useful for people whose function has been affected by injury, age, illness, or the environment. 

Physiotherapy is often used to restore and improve movement that makes life more bearable. The key to healing is the role of physiotherapists and physical therapists. They collaborate with patients and their families to achieve the best possible results.

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The therapist usually makes a diagnosis based upon the individual's history and a physical examination. The therapists in this area also build a movement through education, exercises, and manual therapy. The history of this therapy and the therapists involved is crucial in understanding its practitioners.

Hippocrates is believed to have been the first physician to use physiotherapy. Some of their patients were treated with hydrotherapy and massages. Per Henrik Ling was the man who established the Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics (or RCIG).

The RCIG's mission was to provide massage and exercise. A group of nurses established the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 1894. In New Zealand, a school was also founded in 1913. 

From there, it only continued to grow. The U.S. finally established a specialization in physiotherapy in 1974. Since then, it has advanced and improved. Today, this therapy is divided into multiple specialties.

Cardiopulmonary is the section that deals with cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. Geriatric physical therapy, which focuses on older adults and aging, is the second area. Neurological physiology is a treatment for people with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's.