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Dentures – Good Ways To Deep Clean

Cleaning dentures is as important as cleaning teeth. Bacteria, plaque, and a little food on your dentures can make your dentures uncomfortable, make denture adhesives less effective, and cause bad breath, mouth pain, and even disease.

It is very important that you get in the habit of cleaning dentures every day. The most basic step in cleaning dentures is removing them. You want to brush it like normal teeth. After washing, they should be rinsed thoroughly. Then you need to use a special denture cleaning solution recommended by dentists at Weston Dental Specialists Group to soak your dentures. 

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

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Read the instructions for the cleaning solution carefully. Some of these solutions are designed for daily use and some for weekly use. Finally, make sure the denture adhesive you are using is completely gone. Now you can apply a new coat of denture adhesive and enjoy your day.

The first time you create a denture cleaning routine, you really need to think about your plans for soaking the dentures. There are several options to choose from. One consideration is how long you want the soaking process to last. Another consideration is the perception of denture hygiene after using various immersion methods. Although any method of immersion will clean your dentures, there is often a belief that using a machine is always better. 

Water rinse tablets and clean your dentures with effervescent tablets. This means that these tablets contain bleach and detergent and "bubbles" in the water. This bubble action helps detergent and bleach penetrate all of the porous surfaces of your dentures, removing bacteria, plaque, food debris, and stains. Most of these products work quickly and efficiently.