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Dead Sea Salt Table Salt And It’s Health Benefits

Dead Sea salt is known for its many positive effects on the skin. It is used in cosmetics, massage oils, bath salts, and many other skincare products. The high concentration of minerals from the Dead Sea makes it one of the most beneficial minerals for your skin. If you are thinking that Dead Sea salt is only beneficial for medical purposes, you are completely wrong.

Dead Sea salt contains more than 400 essential minerals, including a host of vitamins as well as special nutrients that help the skin repair itself from damage caused by stress, aging, chemicals, pollution, and other toxins. The mineral content of the water is different from the oceanic ones. The Dead Sea contains less sodium and more potassium while the latter is more magnesium. There is no dearth of minerals in the Dead Sea, but it is important to use them in the right proportion to reap the benefits.

One of the most beneficial uses of Dead Sea salt is that it is excellent for healing wounds. It can be used for treating cuts, scrapes, bruises, dryness, itching, and rashes. In fact, it has been used for hundreds of years for healing these kinds of skin problems. The salt can be beneficial as a wound salve or as an anti-inflammatory agent.

A study conducted in Israel found that the dead sea salt soothes irritated skin, eases inflammation, eases toothaches, and improves the breathing process. It can also be used as a remedy for sinus inflammations. Since the skin absorbs 90% of its weight, just one glass of Dead Sea bath will have a healing effect on the body. Even though many people use it as a mouthwash, two tablespoons in hot water and two tablespoons in the morning and evening will serve the purpose.

An effective home remedy for dry skin is to soak the feet in warm water. Afterward, add two tablespoons of the Dead Sea salt to the warm water. Afterward, cover the feet with a plastic bag or a dressing sock for an hour or more. This treatment should be repeated at least twice a day. If the skin is very dry, a moisturizer can be applied after a few hours.

Another way to benefit from the Dead Sea's natural elements is its mineral content. The minerals found in Dead Sea salt include sodium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, and titanium. These minerals make up a natural ratio called the "salt-water-manganese-sulfate" (SWM). It is this mineral composition that makes up about sixty percent of the Dead Sea's overall elemental composition. All the other elements are determined by the presence of these minerals.

Bromide is a known healing agent that increases the body's antioxidant activity. Potassium and calcium are also said to stimulate the healing of the organs and tissues. Some studies also claim that the mineral bromide can provide relief from arterial plaque build-up and decrease the severity of atherosclerosis. A number of the minerals found in Dead Sea salt have been proven to have negative effects on tumors, including potassium and calcium, as well as negative effects on benign and malignant cells.

When used as a dietary supplement, Dead Sea salt may help improve circulation, enhance immunity and promote healthy kidney and blood function. It has also been known to increase the production of red blood cells, increase the flow of blood through the veins and increase potassium and calcium levels in the blood. In fact, one University study claims that the mineral calcium found in the seawater was effective in reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis and other diseases. As a natural mineral supplement, it can help your body stay healthy and fight off disease.