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Creative Ways To Collect Customer Testimonials

One of the things that companies and other organizations heavily rely on as a way of enticing new business are positive testimonials from existing customers.

People are generally wary of spending money with a company if they don’t know much about it, or perhaps a new product or service that hasn’t had any feedback from anyone else as yet. You can also visit this link to get more information about it.

Some unscrupulous companies actually pay people to post up fake reviews, but the problem with such activities is that they often backfire – and there isn’t really much in the way of damage limitation that you can do in such unfortunate circumstances!

So, the only option left by business owners is to collect real testimonials from real customers. But how exactly do you go about doing this? Here are some creative ways that you can do this.


Many businesses in the United Kingdom are actually run by self-employed entrepreneurs who don’t have huge teams of people that work for them or anything like that.

Some self-employed people give the general public the impression that they are bigger than they really are (i.e. saying “we” instead of “I” in any advertising), but the truth is most people don’t mind having work done for them by one-man bands.

As you may know, LinkedIn is one way that many business professionals can keep in touch with each other and recommend those within their networks to other people. If you are a self-employed person, you should be getting your customers to leave you recommendations on your profile for various skills, as it is a really easy (and free) way of networking with other businesses who could potentially be your next customer!


Everyone uses Facebook (well OK – “nearly” everyone), and if you have embraced social media you will have probably created a ‘page’ on there for your business. The great thing about Facebook pages is that they enable people to leave reviews or testimonials about your business on your public page.

So, for example, ActionCOACH reviews will appear on Facebook if their customers leave testimonials on their page. It doesn’t cost you or your customers anything to leave reviews on your Facebook page, so you should definitely encourage your customers to leave you testimonials on there (especially if they use Facebook for personal use anyway).


Now here is a really exciting way to generate extra business and interest in your brand and its product and service offerings! If they are willing to do so, you could arrange for your customers to give you video testimonials which you could put on your YouTube channel!

They don’t need to be in-depth video interviews or anything like that, you could just simply film them speaking a short sentence or paragraph, and combine other customers’ video reviews into one short testimonial video that you can even embed on your website or Facebook page!


Many people have Google accounts, so you could also encourage your customers to leave you reviews on your own Google business profile. These reviews also get shown up on maps of local businesses, so if yours comes up in a search then they will show up on there.