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Buying the Best Frozen Chicken

When buying a whole chicken, look for one that is sturdy, plump in shape with a rounded breast. Even when buying chicken pieces, the meat should feel smooth when gently pressed. The color of the chicken skin which can be white or yellow does not affect its nutritional value. However, regardless of the color, the peel should be opaque and invisible. To emphasize the obvious, never buy meat that smells "abnormal" and never buy chicken after the sale date. When buying frozen chicken, make sure the frozen chicken is solid and there are no frost deposits or burns in the freezer. Also, be careful of chicken that has frozen liquid in the package, as this could mean the chicken has been thawed and frozen, which can pose several health risks. You can buy the best-rated buy frozen chicken, from online stores.

It is always a good idea to choose organic or free-range chicken because this method of poultry farming is more humane while producing tastier and healthier chicken. Inorganic-raised chickens may have been fed hormones or antibiotics that you want to avoid. Free-range chickens have free access rather than being locked up in a chicken coop, so they definitely have a happier life.

Another tip, instead of buying chicken breasts that have been peeled for less fat, takes the skin intact and throw it away after cooking to keep the chicken moist and juicy. Chicken is light on the stomach, incredibly versatile, and delicious without being a kitchen expert, plus it has some excellent health benefits.