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Basic Fundamentals Of Shooting A Shotgun

The basics of shooting rifles are very important to be a wing shooter or a successful target. There are many things that contribute to really regarding the target.

Attitude: Your attitude when shooting a gun is different from shooting another shotgun. Placement of your feet is very important in having smooth movements when taking shots. You can also look for rifle shooting range by visiting:

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For the right-handed shooter, stand with your left foot in front of the right, around shoulder width or just below. Slightly shift your weight towards your front foot to help refrain from losing the rifle.

Eyes: Most shooters shot to shoot with their eyes open. Unlike guns and pistols where you rarely shoot moving targets, all your shots on the dove will move.

I will give you what some people call bad advice, but it works for me. I closed one eye on a straight shot, either going or coming to me.

Swing: Imagine, you see a bird; your feet are upright, shouldering a gun and directing your eyes, now all you have to do is shoot right, wrong. All you have to do is improve your swing.

Here the speed of the muzzle and finding the right line is very important and different in almost every shot. If a dove crosses but the speed of your muzzle will be slower than the dove that just crossed.