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Are You Charged with Aggravated Assault in Colorado?

In Colorado, the crime of aggravated attack should not be taken lightly. A conviction for aggravated assault is a serious offense in Colorado. You need an experienced defense lawyer to help you avoid being convicted. This article may help you if you are charged with an aggravated attack. Here are some details about the crime as well as some pointers to help you out.

A definition of aggravated assault will help you get a better understanding of the term. The basics of an aggravated assault charge in Colorado is what you need to understand. It's a crime of violence committed against another person. There are three types of assault: simple assault, assault and battery, and aggravated. To get straight to the point, we will concentrate on the third type, the aggravated attack. This is an attack that causes serious injury or involves a deadly weapon.

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To make a strong counterargument, you need to be able to see what the prosecution has in its arsenal. To prove an assault, the prosecution must show that the victim suffered serious bodily injury. You could also be charged with carrying a deadly weapon at the scene. This could put you in serious trouble.

In Colorado, even if the victim is not injured, then also aggravated assault case can still be filed. This applies to threatening with a deadly instrument and other felonies like robbery or burglary.

You must serve a minimum of five years imprisonment if you are found guilty. You can spend up to fifteen years in prison if the prosecution attorney is more competent than your defense attorney. Who knows what kind of life you will lead? A good attorney can help you defend your case. Even if the case cannot be dismissed, the sentence can still be reduced.