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Your First Bullion Investment – Gold or Silver?

Nowadays, many people want to invest their money into precious metals, most notably gold and silver. Before investing in either, you have to know some basic information about bullion investment. 

Be sure to carry out a background review on the various gold depot in Switzerland providers to select only the most suitable service provider. A company or organization with a negative review should be avoided at all costs as this may be an early sign of low-quality services provision. Few guidelines should help you to decide on your first investment. 

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Which precious metals are the most suitable as a first investment?

Compared to Gold, Silver typically has a far lower value meaning that storage issues can arise when looking to invest large sums of money into Silver. 

The price of Silver is somewhat more volatile than Gold making it more suitable for investors who are more open to risk. Silver can yield high returns but also lose value rapidly.

Is it better to invest in Bars or Coins?

There is a large amount of choice when it comes to bars and coins as both offer a variety of designs and sizes. Aesthetics can also certainly be a decisive factor in the matter. So, let us take a look at the pros and cons of both product types.

Bar Pros:

1.Most bars are sealed in protective packaging.

2.Typically produced in 24 carats (for gold).

Bar Cons:

1.Smaller bars often have higher premiums.

2.Higher market risk, if bought in smaller quantities

Coin Pros:

1.Highly collectible.

2.Legal tender status.

Coin Cons:

1.Premiums are generally higher than bars.

2.Coins typically don't always come with certificates – unless they are a set.