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Will Magnetic Therapy Help You?

Magnetic therapy also known as biomagnetic therapy, magnet therapy, and even magnetic field therapy involves the use of health magnets to assist with pain relief.

Magnetic therapy basically involves the use of magnetic fields to assist the body to reduce muscle inflammation and pain. You can get magnetic field therapy from Sheldon Chiropractic and Wellness.

Some consider the effect as a result of the hemoglobin in the blood but others believe that it is a result of the health magnets' reaction to the positive and negative ions in the blood improving blood flow. The end result is pain relief.

A percentage of our blood is charged with particles or ions. The reason our blood tastes salty is that it contains sodium (Na+) which holds a positive charge and chlorine (Cl-) which holds a negative charge.

Imagine how these particles are moving along an artery within the body and a heath magnet is then placed in that area, the ions are now moving within that magnetic field. The ions then polarize with the negatively charged ions moving in the opposite direction to the positive ones, causing them to move to opposite sides of the artery where usually some were attached to the artery wall. 

This small magnetic current has allowed the trapped particles to be free and they now move back into the mainstream of the artery current. That is why people who use the magnetic underlay rave about how they have never slept so well.