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Why You Need Protective Gas Masks

You may have seen many TV shows about doomsday plans and seen people using biological and gas filters. A few people have asked me if this is something I should include in my survival kit.  If you too have the same dilemma, this article will help you.

This question depends on the purpose of gas masks. A gas mask can make the difference in life or death when you're dealing with emergency situations that involve chemical or biological weapons. A nose and mouth filter will work well if you have swine flu, bird influenza, or another pandemic.

Gas masks will not be something you can wear every day. These masks are only for emergency situations and short-term use. They are not recommended for long-term use as they can be contaminated with water. Paper filter masks are easy to wear and don't require as much effort as gas masks. 

Do you need a gas mask for your survival gear? Preppers need to be prepared for all possible situations. While you won't be able to cover all your bases, you can be more prepared. The best place to start is emergency survival. You and your family will be better off if you have a good understanding of what you need to survive an emergency.