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Why Pool Cover Rolls Are A Great Idea!

All types of pool covers are great for your pool because they reduce evaporation, reduce chemical loss and reduce cleaning time, preventing leaves and debris from entering the pool easily.

Why should you have a pool cover roll?

Simply put, if you have a pool cover then you need a pool roller. It's of no use. A good pool cover is thick, heavy and big (as it should be). Do yourself a favor and get the reels to cover the pool. You can also find the best quality swimming pool cover roller via

swimming pool cover roller

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The benefits outweigh the costs tenfold!

Keep your life simple! Bottom line with rolling, installing and removing the pool cover is easy – the whole process takes less than a minute. Without the reels, you will find yourself in a world of pain trying to fold, lift, and store. Not only do they contain a lot of ingredients, they are also soggy and heavy!

Increase the life of your cover – If you remove the pool cover by hand, it is more likely that the cover will be dragged on uneven ground, rocks, etc. and thus may be scratched or torn from the edge of the pool or the surrounding area. Not to mention dragging the pool cover over uneven terrain can void the warranty.