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What Is the Hydraulic Crane Truck?

Hydraulic tow trucks are versatile machine parts that are built with exceptional lifting capabilities and are popular choices for construction sites. Besides working on heavy lifting projects, this machine is also very mobile which makes it practical in tight and tight spaces. Plus, tow trucks come with different lift and sizes to suit specific applications. Get to know more about crane parts via visiting the website.

Hydraulic system

The main aspect of a tow truck is a hydraulic system that simplifies the process of lifting or moving heavy objects. The hydraulic system consists of an oil-filled pipe which connects to two moving pistons. The basic role of a hydraulic system is to move the load up and down with the help of an incompressible fluid. The preferred liquid for this type of operation is oil.

Hydraulic movement is achieved by using one piston to push oil down, which will then create enough force to make the other piston move up. Crane operators have the ability to accelerate fluid movement using pressure control in the cab.

Another important part

Although the hydraulic system is the most important part of this type of mobile crane, there are several other important parts that help control lift including load moment indicators, outriggers, Rotex gears, jibs, and booms.

One of the easiest parts to identify is the boom, which is the lifting arm and the load maneuver in place. Rotex wheels are placed under the control cab and allow rotating the boom and cab. Outriggers are important safety features that are derived when the crane operates to provide greater stability and prevent truck overturning.

The load moment indicator is part of the control panel and measures lifting conditions and gives and warns if the truck starts to reach an overload condition. The jib is part of the boom and mounted to the end.