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What Is Project Management and Why Is It Different?

Project management always appears in business media today. It seems that every few months, something touches on news that has something to do with project management.

Maybe it's a request that every business must have a PMO. Or maybe, another big project that experiences big overruns due to poor project management. You can browse to know more about project management.

But what is project management?

What's the difference between other types of management? What makes it special? How does this affect me as an entrepreneur and business leader? Why is this so important?

In this article, I will explain what project management is and why it is different from ordinary management. I will use strategic project management to describe the differences.

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Operational project management uses the same tools and techniques and acts in the same conditions. However, the differences between operational groups and project groups are rather unclear.

At its simplest, project management is a collection of tools, and system design and the skills of people needed to lead, support, guide, and control temporary efforts.

However, even though the definition is accurate and complete, you really need to bring it to the next level to understand the difference between normal management.

First, let's fix the 200-year-old mistake. Traditionally, business thinkers have explained the management structure by referring to the old strategic, tactical and administrative military structures.

Strategic groups place business in the right place, tactics relating to customers and competition, and administration focus on doing things that are not too important.