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What Is Infrared Light Therapy For Horses And How Does It Work?

Infrared light therapy is considered a medical technique that is used for preventive care and treatment, especially for muscle injury. It is applicable for both animals and humans conditions and is a subject of research and experimentation.

You can also read several things related to the problem of horses from EQUINE BLOOD SOLUTIONS and find out various treatment methods to heal the problems among horses. The infrared is one of them.

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Basically, in this method, the light is traveling with different wavelengths, which also affects how well it penetrates with different substances and after that it creates heat. For example, ultraviolet light has a wavelength that is able to penetrate many substances.

Infrared light therapy is the most effective for deep thermal properties, which stimulate blood flow to the target area. It is also effective in softening the tissues such as muscles and blood vessels, but not well permeated with bones. That said, it creates stimulation of blood flow that can accelerate the repair and recovery from bone injuries, but the infrared does not work directly on the bone itself.  

How does it work?

Getting infrared light to where it is needed most is literally a space-age technology. Various research centers began to develop fabrics that will help in infrared therapy, and are used in both horses and humans.

There are several textiles that can be easily applied to the target area and when applied on the horses there must also be a need for blankets and wraps. Other textiles actually emit infrared light itself using nanotechnology.