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What Are The Tips For Pulling The Cable?

Main types of cable pull devices are :

Pull Handle – Helps the contractor reduce the risk of getting caught during the installation and removal of underground cables.

Support Grip – A disposable tool that supports the weight of cables used in vertical and inclined travel. Shop for a strong cable winch puller from online.

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Strain Relief Device: Bend the wire in turn before installation, and remove the over-bent damaged electrical wire.

Pull cord: Cable pulling is one of these important tasks, and more and more fiber optic cables and network connections are required, especially as technology advances and expands.

Types of traction:

Pull Duct:

When installing or rewiring different types of cables, such as cables, speaker cables, telephones, Internet cables, etc., it is often necessary to route new cables through existing conduit or pipes. Seeking Cable Pulling Winch Manufacturers


To install new cable on the ceiling of a facility, such as a hospital or clean room, you must pull a different type of cable. The best way to ensure a smooth cable removal process is to use the proper tool. In this case, it may be a wired access point.

Tips for pulling cables:

The most important things to remember when preparing for a wire extraction, large or small.

  • pull evaluation to test your conduit.

  • Clean the entrance and exit of the duct.

  • Provide adequate lubrication.