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Ways to use Telegram as a customer service channel

There are many ways to use Telegram as a customer support channel.

1. Telegram channels

Another way to improve the customer experience is to establish an account on Telegram. It is a great way to inform your customers with the latest information including sales, promotions as well as new collections. You can also broadcast messages to your customers through the channel and keep track of the number of views. You can also find various channels for telegram.

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2. Telegram groups

If you'd like to connect with a large number of clients, you can set up a Telegram group. It is possible to access the group's messages from any device.

It is also possible to make groups public and save important messages to the top of the group so that everyone can view the messages. Telegram lets you create groups with as many as 2000 people. Through Telegram groups, you can talk directly with the majority of your clients.

3. Sharing large files

Instead of sending an email follow-up with the brochure for fall, it is now possible to email your customer's files via Telegram. So, all the communication with customers is all in one location. 

You can either forward the file or access them on any other device such as your computer. Telegram lets you send files up to 2GB in size.

4. Video calls

What would happen if the content of your YouTube webinar was available on Telegram? With Telegram, you can begin the video chat with as many as 1000 viewers. This lets you inform your customers of new features or, for instance, show off your latest autumn collection on one application.