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Types of Bollards: Which is the best?

Bollards that are well-designed and provide adequate lighting should be distributed. A bollard adds a unique dimension to the garden path. It can be as tall as 1 meter or smaller. It is placed along the pathway in the park for safety. The lamp’s distance depends on the purpose. You can do Easy garden decoration with Bollard – LIGMAN. The luminaries may be placed at a distance of approximately 5-8m if they are used to illuminate the corridor. Depending on the wattage and preferences of the user, the lamp can be placed at a distance of approximately 5m.

LIGHT LINEAR PT Bollard- Bollard with integrated Projector Light Performance Modern Design Uses it to illuminate your area and complete any professional lighting task.

JET Bollard- JET is a high-efficiency bollard with a modern design and a wide range of lighting options. You can use them in both one-way or two-way lighting. They also come with high-performance optics which can be used in any type of lighting project.

VANCOUVER Bollard- You can decorate your place with modern design bollards. There are many lighting effects available. Both with the light coming out from all sides and with a stencil pattern. You can order as many patterns as you wish.

LIGHT SOFT Bollard Bollard creates a soft light effect. Indirect illumination is provided. It has a beautiful design, which makes it look comfortable and clear.

FRAME Bollard Bollards with elegant seating functions can be perfectly matched with the color scheme for the lamp or the light. All you need is lighting and decorative furniture.