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Tips for Good Trampoline Care and Cleaning

Does your child love to play on the trampoline in the park for hours on end? Glad they found a fun activity to help them exercise. But have you tired of taking the time to clean up all the dirt stuck on the trampoline mat? 

Regular trampoline cleaning gives you a reason to carefully inspect every part of the structure while removing dirt and debris, saving you time and ensuring that your trampoline is safe for future use. You can choose the top inflatable water trampoline for use as a springboard for tumbling.

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It is important to inspect the trampoline regularly to make sure all parts of the trampoline are in good condition. After months of repeated use, many trampoline parts wear or even break, and if you jump on them without seeing all the parts, you could risk serious injury. 

Begin your cleaning routine by removing any extra trampolines or toy accessories you may have attached. These include trampoline mats, fences, nets, playmats, basketball hoops, and diving boards. When removing this accessory, pay attention to any worn or rusted parts of the trampoline. 

After removing the platform, first, soak the entire trampoline mat with garden hose water. Remember that water will drip through the mat. So make sure the structure is cleaned of any dirt or other material that lands on the trampoline.