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The Right Response to Anxiety Assists in Performing Better

Many people view anxiety as feeling uncomfortable, often crippling, that springs up unannounced at times the most inopportune moments. People experiencing chronic anxiety go to great lengths to get rid of emotions interfere with life-like.

Is that asking someone to prom, get on an airplane, preparing for an interview or introduce yourself to a new crowd, most of the individuals in a scenario like to experience a certain degree of anxiety.

Although the impact of anxiety and symptoms vary from person to person, people who suffer from various problems such experience terrible symptoms such as shaking hands, knees weak, sweaty palms, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Incase you are looking for reliable psychotherapy treatment in Silicon Valley or free consultation then make an online search. 

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Consequently, most people tend to avoid anxiety-provoking situations rather than face them. Although largely regarded as very dangerous, many people believe the anxiety that can play an important role in improving the performance of a person. In fact, anxiety is a healthy emotion that can direct people to the right direction when utilizing appropriately and treated positively deteriorating conditions.

Hugs anxiety than suppress it

In an effort to spare yourself from anxiety, a person may refuse a lucrative opportunity that comes their way and avoid taking decisions to pull them out of their comfort zone. People like mostly assume stressful events as a threat (real or imaginary) rather than a challenge.

Interestingly, in many cases, these events do not indicate a lost cause. In fact, anxiety is not always a bad thing; people who take stressful events mentioned above as a life-changing challenges tend to increase their energy due to anxiety. Therefore, awareness of the ins and outs of these emotions can empower individuals to turn the tables on the debilitating effects of anxiety and perform better.

The researchers found that anxiety rather than inhibit potentially can enhance a person's performance. They found that people who do well when they recognize their anxiety is not pressed. They are open to accept their anxiety tend to spend qualitative time at their destination.