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The Most Wonderful Towns to Own a Condominium

New York: Centuries of Architecture with Panoramic View

At number one in the list, nothing beats out New York City for biodiversity and luxury options. For classical charm, areas bordering Central Park on the east and west perimeter that exudes luxury and class.

The Park itself is an oasis in the city that never sleeps, offering views of the forest for those fortunate enough to inhabit the upper floor of the tower at the top. If you are looking for Morningside heights new condominiums with views, then you can ask a realtor to help or you could browse various sources online.  

Upper West Side that was recently developed, pioneered by Donald Trump. Modern apartment featuring every amenity imaginable line the quiet, the streets along the Hudson River and the front garden.

The luxury penthouse boasts a view of the sunset over the water, framed by the skyscrapers of New Jersey, just across the street.

This exclusive environment provides a neat setting to take in the history, culture, and the environment from the best local-only within the city limits. This neighborhood, home to the penthouse apartments, condominiums, and co-ops, are just the beginning of what is possible when the sky is the limit.

Covering more than three thousand miles and centuries of history, luxurious in appearance comes in infinite forms and shapes suit even the most discriminating taste.