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The Future of Blockchain Technology

What exactly is Blockchain?

The term "blockchain" is a term that has been utilized in numerous business and social conversations over the past few years. Everyone has heard of blockchain technology. However, most people aren't aware of what it really is. To clarify the meaning of blockchain technology let us provide a quick overview of how the process of exchanging money has changed.

In the past, whenever people were able to exchange valuable things, there were middlemen whose sole function was to verify the authenticity of the two parties and establish confidence between them. Today, these middlemen are often referred to as banks. The usage of brokers and banks has grown in the past, but with the rise of digital assets like stocks and electronic money as well as intellectual property, the need for an additional security method has become apparent.

The reason for this is that digital assets are typically stored inside a computer and are thus susceptible to theft and manipulation. This is why blockchain technology permits the parties to trade in a transparent and open manner, ensuring the exchange is safe and efficient. You can get more insights into blockchain technology through

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What is the Future of Bitcoin

Blockchain is capable to completely disrupt the financial sector in similar to how social media has disrupted mainstream media ie Netflix eliminated Blockbuster films.

Blockchain technology has the possibility of becoming an online platform that can provide the financial services needed by everyone in the globe which includes those in developing countries that may not have ability to access traditional bank services or can't afford the costs for large-scale transactions.

Blockchain technology has the possibility of creating major breakthroughs across every major industry, which is typically controlled by large corporations.