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What is Human Resources Development?

Human Resources Training and Development is about providing employees with the necessary tools to develop their knowledge, personal and organisational skills, talents and abilities. It may include training, mentoring, HR coaching, identifying employees with particular potential or capabilities, absence management, rationalisation, performance management, succession planning and all-round organisational development.

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The purpose of the exercise is to realise the potential of an existing workforce of a particular size so as to produce the most efficient service capability possible.

HR Development and Training can either be provided internally or externally or indeed a programme can consist of an admixture of the two. Sometimes an external provider will be commissioned to set the process in motion, identify any waste or slack within the organisation, generate "quick wins" which will help resource the remainder of the work, and thereafter to withdraw and allow the organisation to continue to streamline itself.

In recent times Human Resources Development and Training have become an industry very much in its own right, and specialist service providers themselves employ large numbers of people to give advice and assistance to other companies.

One important and most essential aspect of their work is to manage any feelings of doubt or suspicion that may arise from their presence and to try to get the workforce "on the side" in order to enlist its co-operation for the duration of the reorganisation period.

One way of achieving this is through the staging of HR workshops, which help to assuage any mystery associated with the work involved in streamlining a corporate enterprise and improving its general effectiveness. HR courses can be provided which will shape the mindset as well as just the practical skills for bringing about real organisational change.