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Self-Managed Super Funds Goals

Self-managed super funds are regulated and controlled by the Australian Taxation Office, and these self-managed super-fund goals have the same goals of collecting and investing your life long contributions to secure your retirement.

The major difference between this and other funds is that you are also a trustee of this fund and it is dependent majorly on you to control how and when to invest your contributions and also when and how to pay your benefits.

A self-managed super fund can have maximum up to four members, and they play a crucial role in your goal. They are most likely to be your close friends or business associates. You can also get SMSF audit in Mount Waverley via

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There are many common misconceptions associated with self-managed super funds such as possessing the super fund with lower fees or the one with the best performance is enough to contribute towards your retirement security.

Many times, we have also seen the commercials which suggest that a lower administration fee is crucial to secure your retirement income. However, the global economic meltdown and the financial crisis have made many people disillusioned with the losses they suffered from handling over their superannuation funds to experts.

While running super funds, you need to understand that you are working along with the Australian tax office. All the trustees of SMSF have to sign an agreement stating that you understand all the obligations.

You also need to know all the legal requirements and administrative responsibilities as a trustee of this fund. Establish your own investment policy and work out to make your goal established.

If you have members in your fund, you need to make sure that your investments are compatible with the goals of your members.