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Brief History Of Oak Furniture

Oak has been used for furniture making for a long time. The oldest documented bits stem from the Dark Ages. Oak trees were utilized to cover the property from Europe and England, since it had been really easy to find, everybody used it to make furniture. 

Oak is a powerful, dense wood, quite tough and long-lasting and uses a tight open grain which makes it ideal for furniture making. It is a a unique handmade furniture made of old material . These furniture has lasted centuries and easily survives the roughest environments. It was initially used on boats due to its water-resistant properties and now is frequently used for floors.

oak furniture

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In the beginning, the furniture consisted largely of seats created for the wealthy to sit down. The initial furniture was functional and basic; the look was rough and awkward. Since the societies developed did all and furniture things, people found chests were great for maintaining private things protected and cabinets could be utilized to store cups in!

In the middle ages furniture became more elaborate. It was functional but painted and bigger than previously. The middle classes were becoming wealthy and had money to invest and they desired to demonstrate their wealth. 

They'd master craftsmen design individual pieces of furniture which could be engraved with names and dates of significant events such as marriages or births. Master craftsmen needed to spend a long time in apprenticeship and training to become members of the Guild of Craftsmen the sole evidence of quality at the moment.