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Scalp Micropigmnetaion- Best and Effective Solution For Hair Growth

Scalp micro pigmentation is an advanced hair growth solution in which a microneedle is used to fill the pigment into the scalp. It is a non-invasive method to create the natural-looking illusion of hair.

There are so many reasons for excessive hair loss and baldness and scalp micro pigmentation is the effective and best hair growth solution for all your hair loss related issues.


Why most people prefer SMP treatment over surgery and hair transplant method:

  • The procedure is safe and painless and chances of having irritation, inflammation, or bleeding are very less. 
  • Used handheld tools that are sanitized before every treatment to prevent the scalp from having an infection.
  • It is inexpensive than surgical treatment and permanent solution to hair loss. There is no need to spend money on useless hair care products and ineffective tonics.
  • There is no side effect of SMP because the treatment does not use harsh chemicals and toxic products. During treatment, a needle which is used to deposit pigment on the scalp gives you a sensation that does not hurt.
  • It is a very fast procedure that takes a few sessions.
  • It is basically a hair tattooing technique that doesn’t take much time to heal. Just by using proper hygiene products and healing cream, the treated areas will start to heal naturally.
SMP is a medically proven non-surgical treatment to stop hair fall and an ideal solution for those who are suffering from all forms of hair loss.