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The Rapid Evolution Of Meal Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we live shopping or travel, work and socialize, not to mention consume food. Social distancing and unpredictable lockdowns have provided a huge increase to online shopping for necessities and other retail items.

One such emergent e-commerce business model is the prepared meal-kit and ready-to-eat meal delivery business.

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What is a food delivery business?

There is an overall belief that meals prepared at home are more nutritious and healthier when compared to fast food and restaurants' food. However, often busy schedules prevent people from making their meals by hand.

A meal delivery company operates with the same rules as a delivery service. However, the food is cooked at home or prepared for cooking. When ready-to-eat meals are delivered healthy and nutritious food in just a few minutes to customers, prepared meal kits provide ready-to-cook meals as well as recipes for meals that the customer can cook at home.

Why are meal delivery businesses gaining popularity?

Pre-cooked meal kits and ready-to-eat services are growing in popularity with consumers, particularly younger and urban customers for a variety of reasons.

Home-cooked meals are prepared using more nutritious ingredients and are accompanied by the highest hygiene standards.

Home-cooked meals are fresh and typically less expensive than food at a restaurant.

Meal-kits can be customized based on individual preferences for health and diet, as well as the needed servings.

Customized meal kits allow customers to try out different recipes and cuisines at the comfort of their homes.