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How GMO May Harm You

GMO businesses have claimed that their GM foods are safe. They have generated amounts of research to reveal GM food security and fitness for human consumption. It would not be too hard to Google this and discover the evidence on your own.

But, it is been stated that anyone who informs you GMO is secure is either stupid or lying. I put it to you such as that to earn a point: If you had been provided some foods and someone told me that there is a controversy going on, to which they might lead to harm, could you eat?

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Due to the nature of the genetic modification, it may not be sure what the result will be which makes it dangerous experimentation. FDA scientists had made it abundantly obvious to biotech GM companies that more long-term experiments were required to establish security but the information has been essentially dismissed.


Here are a few scientific research demonstrating that GMO can lead to injury to you.

There have been many animal experiments demonstrating illnesses and deaths both at the lab and the field. The cows died in numbers causing this GM maize. Syngenta was later prosecuted with this cover-up. They also acknowledged that the protein made by the chemical used to modify the maize had found its way to individual GM foods until it was removed.

Proteins made from GMO's may cause allergies in people. The GM food which leads to this could be recognized and taken out there. On the other hand, the gene that has been inserted in the GM food which had induced the allergy generating protein could live on by moving into a different species.

This happening, a gene moving from one species into another occurred with GM soy. The gene generating the allergy-inducing protein in soy was able to move in the DNA of gut bacteria in people.

Individuals ought to be concerned if they have eaten animals that were fed on GM plants. The genes used to alter the animal feed GM plants may have moved into the creature and then to the people that have them.