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Bed Bugs – Strange Bedfellows

Bed bugs are pests throughout history. If you should examine literature in the middle ages, then you'd come across references to such animals feeding on birds and rodents. Before the Second World War, together with the absence of cleanliness and appropriate hygiene, bed bugs prospered. Following the war, using new technologies introducing lots of pesticides, they became almost extinct.

If you want professional bed bug treatment in the bay area then visit Since the debut of harmful pesticides in the past 20 to 30 decades, we're seeing considerable growth with bed bug issues.

Adult Bed Bugs

A closer examination will show they have horizontal and hard bodies. While they cannot fly, they could proceed rather quickly on surfaces like walls, ceilings, and floors. It does not take long for infant bed bugs, or nymphs as they're understood, to completely grow. Studies have discovered that then can completely develop in just per month.

Bed Bugs - Strange Bedfellows

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Bugs That Bite

In reality, if you've ever been bitten, then you might not have understood it until you discovered the reddish welts or swelling of the skin in the sting area. If you travel regularly, you ought to be concerned about this issue. This is when you're most vulnerable. In the event the facility that we're staying at doesn't regularly clean the linens and institute a program for the treatment of those small critters, you might end up sleeping with the enemy.

Remember that these bugs do not pose a severe threat regarding spreading disorder. There is a small probability they take any kind of damaging virus to people. But this being said, even if you're assaulted with these menaces, you can avoid complications by employing an antibiotic lotion or peppermint into the infected are of their human body. Prevent scratching the bitten place because the outcome is similar to mosquito bites in which may make the disease worse.