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ASVAB Math Trick: Dividing By Numbers That End In Zero

One of the ASVAB problems that would-be soldiers have to face is how to perform detailed mathematical calculations without calculators. A math trick on how to quickly divide numbers that end in zero without having to write down detailed calculations.

By now you might think that not all numbers appearing in ASVAB end in zero and require a concatenation. Note, however, that asvab math exercise often provides approximate answers. So if you get an answer that is close enough to the real one, it can help rule out the wrong decision because it is so far away.

So, if you need to do a calculation that doesn't always end in zero, just round your number to zero and then do the math trick. If you divide a number by a factor of 10, i.e. For example, dividing 10 by 10 is 1. This may be intuitive to you since the number dividing by itself is one. 

But think differently. The number 10 ends with zero. This means that you subtract a factor of 10. On paper, this means taking the imaginary decimal point at the end of a number and moving it one space to the left.

Let's apply this to more complex numbers. If you have the number 30 and you divide by 10, 30 divided by 10 equals 3. You can imagine moving an invisible decimal point from zero to between 3 and 0 and getting the number 3.

Now something more complicated, 231 divided by 10. Again, take the imaginary decimal point after 1, shift it over to space and the result is 23.1

Myths About ASVAB Test Preparation You Need To Know

You want to pass the test. So take the time and effort to prepare for the ASVAB test. You focus on your learning every day. And when you prepare for the exam, there is something you can learn. If you are looking for a job in the US army, then you can consider preparing the army ASVAB practice test at

However, this is not always helpful in preparing for the ASVAB test. You may find some learning practices that are not effective. This is because it is just a myth about ASVAB preparations. Here are some myths about ASVAB preparations that could hinder your success at ASVAB.

1. Always trust your instincts. Yes, there are times when your instincts are right. But they also often make mistakes. And for the ASVAB exam, it's always wise to develop better assessments. Your preparation for the ASVAB test involves improving your analytical skills. Use this to your advantage.

2. You can save time by scrolling through the test questions. Yes, it is true. But that can come at the expense of checkpoints. If you review the test questions, you may not understand them very well. This can lead to wrong answers. If you continue to believe in these test preparation myths, you will definitely fail the ASVAB exam!

3. If you reply as soon as you receive your ASVAB exam paper, you will have more time. This is almost the same as the previous myth. You have to be calm before answering. Therefore, studying ASVAB is a good practice. Take a few seconds to relax before answering.

What To Expect After Clearing The ASVAB Exam To Join The Military?

For the ASVAB exam, If you don't get the results you want, it won't take long. Come back to the practice test again until you feel ready and try again. If you get the same result the second time around, it may be time to see if you qualify for another one of the best decisions. You can contact to attend online classes for the army ASVAB practice test at

However, if you have significantly increased your test scores, consider studying more and taking the test a third time. Either way, you'll likely score high enough to be included in one of your best decisions. If not, you will have to do some more research and choose from the positions you are entitled to. 

Remember, however, that the first time you shoot at the moon, don't sell yourself. A low test score just tells you what areas to work on. So don't be discouraged and keep improving yourself. Take the test as often as needed so you can find a job you think will help in the future. 

Not everyone qualifies for every job if it takes hard work the first time and lots of training time when it is needed. You can choose the branch that has the best packages before. 

Inquire about training requirements for promotion in this area. This is the only area where I am wrong. The areas I chose were excellent for post-military opportunities, but when I was in the military, my specific job was closed for promotion for about three years.