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Sunshine State Seeing Yellow Thanks To Lemon Laws

When people think of Florida, they think of the Sunshine State and its top agriculture product – oranges. However, it is the lemon law Florida enforces that makes vehicle owners see yellow. Lemon law attorneys are as abundant as the orange crop in Florida, so just remember them when you decide to seek any legal counsel. You can research your basic car lemon law just by browsing the internet or reading below for the highlights on your rights when it comes to owning a car lemon.

The 1980s saw a new lemon law that holds car makers accountable, by particular situations, of course, for refunding the buyer's cash or exchanging the problem vehicle with a comparable model. This law does not ensure a car lemon, nor does it provide coverage for ATV vehicles, motorcycles, dirt bikes, motorized scooters, or trucks with a weight of over 10,000 pounds.

This law Florida has also just covered vehicles that are new, either bought or leased in the state. There are exceptions. A major flaw in the car or operation has to be present, which would impede the safe use of the vehicle. You have heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, the same goes when estimating whether your vehicle has a defect.

The car's owner has to have had wasted plenty of time taking the vehicle to the dealership or certified service provider, losing family time and possible loss of salary due to missed work. Ok, so the lemon laws do not say that, but that is its reality, right? Technically, you had to have taken the vehicle in at least three times for identical problems or have had the car out of commission for fifteen consecutive days due to this flaw or defect.

This is where it starts getting irritating. After all this time and aggravation of taking your vehicle in without the problems being fixed, THEN you have to complete a form from the lemon law Florida handbook. You may state your grievances on the market and describe your vehicle problems. The next step is mailing it directly and waiting for a response. (All this hassle almost makes you want to make lemonade with this car lemon, does not it?)

The manufacturer has ten days to pony up a response. If you do not hear from them, then their rights are waived. Usually, however, you may hear back from the manufacturer where they will direct you to yet another authorized service provider for another review of the car lemon. It seems like a lot of fun!

Do a search if you get disgusted with the process or ask around for some respectable law lawyers that can fight the battle for you. Just be sure to keep track of all your repair receipts, any car fees due to your vehicle being out of commission, and any other warranty work. Documentation is important to follow any car lemon law. Good luck in your search. Let's hope you will soon begin seeing the color of money rather than car lemon yellow, green! If you need more information about any related ATV stuff, visit Caetla ATV Blog.