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Paintball: The Ultimate Boot Camp Style Workout Game

Paintball was first introduced to the United States in about 1985 the year that the first paintball guns and washable gelatin capsules for the game were developed. The number of players playing paintball within the United States grew every year until 2005. There were more than 1 million paintball players in the U.S. alone according to an in-depth survey conducted by the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association, also known as SGMA. 

The survey methodology in 2006 was refined and more precise, resulting in an accurate number which was 5.14 million participants. While the numbers of 2006 were some shock for the business, it is still a substantial amount of players and proves that the game of paintball will be around for a long time. There are plenty of companies that organize team building outings in Las Vegas to motivate their employees.

Rockshot Paintball In Delhi

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Although playing paintball does not make you vulnerable to being smothered in the high-temperature lead, it can place you in the path of a blast of paint capsules that travel at speeds of 300 feet per second. This could easily knock your eye out, damage teeth, or damage your ears. This is why a mask for paintball is a must whenever you engage in paintballing.

There are masks with complete head protection but it's dependent on your personal preferences. A basic mask is available for less than $20. If you're at commercial fields and don't own your own equipment, you can lease a mask during the duration of the day as a condition of using their services.