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Making Soft Serve Ice Cream at Home

Making ice cream at home can be a fun experience for kids or just because your family loves frozen food and prefers to make it yourself. Depending on the intended use, there are several different ways to make ice cream.

If you want a fun activity for kids, you can make ice cream in a bag. This requires two Ziploc bags, one large and one small. Put the ingredients in a small bag, then put them in a large bag. Place the ice and rock salt in a large bag too. You can also buy soft serve base mix  to make ice cream at home.

                                          Image Source: "Google"

 Now your child only needs to shake the bag for about five minutes. Shaking it is almost as fun as eating it. It only makes one serving at a time, but it's fun to hang out with your kids.

Making ice cream at home can still be done the old-fashioned way with a hand crank. Many of us have fond memories of how to make ice cream this way. Frozen delights taste great even though they are very difficult to prepare. 

There are many reasons why you might want to do it yourself at home. First, you will save a lot of money if your family eats a lot of frozen yogurt, ice cream, or sorbets. The quality of the frozen food you get from an electric machine is just as good as the gourmet brands you buy at the store. 

You can make sure the ingredients are completely natural by controlling what's in the recipe. Making ice cream at home is not only economical and healthier; it is a lot of fun too.