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List of Medical Plants

We are all surrounded by medicinal plants, but only a few people know. There are many medicinal plants commonly known and their uses are not as complicated as you may think.


This plant is known as an illegal drug, but long it is legal to use. Moreover, hemp could be an important renewable plant and there are many uses it might have. In addition, like other herbs, it also has health benefits, such as the treatment of depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure and pain, and it also works as glaucoma. If you are searching for Marijuana for medical purpose then you can visit at

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Lady fern

Can you think of medicinal plants that are more common than the lady ferns? Although you might be a little surprised, it is also on the list of medicinal plants. The juice of the plant can treat nettle burns, minor cuts, burns, and stings. There are several different types of ferns, but not all of them are effective.

California poppy

If you did not know, you still have much to learn about medicinal plants and their uses. It is known to reduce anxiety and it can be used in the case of restless children. If you make tea, it will reduce the nervousness and tension. If the tea is stronger, it can be used to relieve pain.