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Learning Japanese: Don’t Forget Grammar and Writing

Whether for fun, school, or work, learning Japanese is an intellectual activity profitable. Japan is not only a new set of words – to learn Japanese, but you also challenge your brain to put new words in a different order and learn the concept completely foreign to express themselves.

Japan is a pleasant trip with something new and interesting in every corner, but there are rules of the road. Here is a tip to help you avoid the pitfalls in learning Japanese language.

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Do not rely on the romaji. It's tempting to try to avoid learning how to write Japanese. "I just want to learn to speak Japanese," many newcomers said. However, if you do not learn to read and write hiragana, katakana, and, finally, kanji, you do not learn real Japanese.

Right from the start, to learn hiragana and katakana. Then, as the progress of your studies, learn basic kanji.

There is a whole world of Japanese culture locked in kanji. If you avoid learning kanji, you will lose an important part of the life and culture of Japan. It cannot be overstated: Children in Japan to spend hours and hours learning kanji in school – more than children learn the alphabet and the West spent spelling.

Perhaps, as a result, Japan has a closer relationship – kinship, so to speak – with their language (including kanji) than we did in the West. Many of the worlds expressed in starch and starch combination to form a comprehensive Japanese vocabulary. To get your own view at the time the Japanese world, there is no substitute for learning kanji.