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Internet Marketing Tips by a Global Online Business Coach in Adelaide

I would like to start off by some simple yet powerful tips. You probably have heard of video marketing but did you know the importance of having the right title, description, and keywords. Choose whatever market you are aiming to promote your product or business to. So if you have an eBook on pets target a very specific niche such as pet grooming.

Use the Google keyword tool and type in your niche and it will bring up lots of searched keywords. Choose a keyword from the results which has a low search volume. Because it has a low search volume it will be much easier to rank your website or video.

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Online Coaching Business Ideas For Entrepreneurs

The tips I will be giving can be applied to a website, video, article, or any sort of marketing material you may wish to promote. By ranking your material as high as you can on search engines you will be bringing more and more traffic to your websites.

When people visit your site you will be capturing leads and these leads will then be put into your marketing funnel. Receiving your autoresponders and connecting with you. The ultimate goal is to either sell them a product or promote a business.

So use your chosen keyword and put it in the title of your site as well as the tags and related tags. Put similar keywords found in the keyword search tool and place these in the tags of your site. You can add tags to your sites by going to settings in a web designing software such as XSite Pro or even on Weebly.

Under page properties, there will be a section to change your page title, description, and tags.  Do not spam your site or videos by adding unrelated tags and words. If your site explains how to groom cats do not use tags such as make money online. Try and use similar words as possible.