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How To Prevent And Treat Hemorrhoids With A Natural Treatment

There are many natural ways to treat hemorrhoids and prevent these painful and uncomfortable symptoms, hemorrhoids are a common problem that can be difficult to treat. There are many different natural treatments for hemorrhoids available, one natural treatment is to use stool softeners to reduce the amount of stool. Hemorrhoid sufferers should also avoid constipation, which can make hemorrhoids worse.

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Causes of Hemorrhoids

There are many different causes of hemorrhoids, but the most common is simply straining during bowel movements. Other causes include:

-Hereditary factors



-Celiac disease

-Intestinal parasites

-Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

-Plant foods and their toxins

-Food allergies

Some other natural treatments for hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids are bothering you, there are many natural treatments that you can try. One of the most popular is using probiotics, which work to improve your gut flora. Garlic is another common natural treatment for hemorrhoids. 

You can eat raw garlic or apply it topically to the anus and rectum. Some people also recommend eating Jerusalem artichokes, avocados, bananas, and flaxseed oil to help treat hemorrhoids.

Prevention of Hemorrhoids

The following tips will help you prevent hemorrhoids: 

Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.

Avoid those foods that can cause inflammation in the anal area. Examples include hot spices, chilies and raw vegetables.

Avoid wearing tight pants for long periods of time. Wear loose-fitting underwear instead to encourage blood circulation.