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How To Measure Yield In Cows

To compare the results of cow's milk, the traditional standard lactations produce varying in per day is 305-d. Results of 305-d, however, does not provide insight into the combined effect of the additional milk production before calving, the decline in milk production after giving birth and giving birth interval may be shorter in the case of a shortened dry period. You can visit this website to know the ways to measure yield in cows. 

We aim to develop a measure that would allow a comparison between cow's milk production with distinct dry period (DP).

Dairy Management solution has been putting efforts together and provide a typical dairy sensors to monitor and record the milk yield is the most important aspect for each cow, during any period of milking.

To get more revenue and result, dairy farmers need to install sensors to detect the result of cow milk. 

milk production

Milk must be measured accurately, for short-term monitoring of fitness problems and improve the long-term animal selection and genetic potential.

Milk solids

It is a must to focus on fat and protein components to detect ketosis diet problems and fitness problems related to digestion.

Accurate Conductivity and lactose

Particular attention is necessary to see the changes in milk components are accurately which indicate mastitis.

To find out more information about the new technologies being developed to detect the freshness of milk, you may surf the internet.